Wheel and Castor Selection

The following factors significantly affect the performance & life of Muvtons products, and should be considered when selecting wheels & castors for your application.


Besides the trolley & material's gross weight, please make allowances for:

- Uneven weight distribution, which often results in one wheel carrying more load than the others;

- Power towing, which can impose severe shock loading; and

- Distances travelled per trip.

Floor Condition

Rough uneven floors cause severe overloading when one wheel leaves the ground thrusting the load on the remaining wheels. Potholes and obstructions on the floor exert enormous impact loads and can damage a castor.

Lift sills, drain covers and joints in concrete slabs should be approached squarely : a castor turns at right-angles when approaching such obstructions transversely, and could be damaged due to such hits.

Power Towing

When manually towed trollies meet an obstruction, they slow down or take an alternate path, reducing the stress & strain on the castors. Plenty of power is available in power towing, and combined with high speeds, impact hits lead to castor distress.

Muvtons suggests forged castors, with strong swivel heads and appropriate wheel materials, for power towing.

Floor Saving

Metal or hard plastic/polymer wheels, when used to tow heavy loads, will exert immense pressure on the floor, leading to floor cracks and surface damage. It is more cost effective to invest in an appropriate castor solution than it is to repair expensive floors.

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