Usage Instructions

Operating Speeds

Wheels and castors are manufactured for towing at manual walking speeds not exceeding 4 kmph, and on even floor surfaces. For operations at higher speeds, castor load capacities have to be reduced—please contact us for suitable product recommendations.

Floor Protection

Hard wheel tread materials damage floors more than elastic materials, like Polyurethane or Elastic Rubber, due to pressure on the floor. A typical Nylon or Hard Polymer wheel shall exert 5 times more pressure on the floor as compared to a Polyurethane wheel.

Load Capacity

Load capacities listed in this catalogue apply to normal working conditions, and for products used on reasonably smooth floor surfaces (i.e., free from grooves, gaps, etc). To calculate the load capacity required for an application, the following should be taken into account: empty trolley weight, the maximum load on the trolley, number of wheels, and safety factor. The safety factor ranges from 1·5 for indoor manual operations to 3·0 for outdoor power towed applications.

Special Applications

Our Technical Department can assist you in the selection of suitable wheels & castors for any application. Muvtons will provide information on material resistance with regard to special requirements like extreme temperatures, chemical interactions or very high-speed towing.

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