Message from Management

Message from Management

MUVTONS - the story of helping people move tons easily

Fourty One years ago, Mr Bhagwan Singh, with an experience of over a quarter century in the the tyre industry, started a venture to manufacture solid tyres in a small shed with ten employees. As a marketing professional he soon learnt from his customer visits, the need for better wheel & castor solutions for material handling and intra plant logistics. Thus the Muvtons vision was set to transform the wheel and castor industry both within India and worldwide. Ever since, Muvtons has been a hobby for all of us, everything else is work.

At the core of this vision were our traditional beliefs of honesty, integrity and ethical standards in all aspects of our business. Customers' interest was and still remains of paramount importance. In the last 41 years we have travelled far and wide satisfying customer needs from Australia to Scandinavia, Europe, North and South America earning us thousands of die-hard Muvtons fans. However, we still remain focused on our core values :

We always remain hungry - to create better ideas & better solutions, designed to solve customer needs in simplistic ways using the ever-evolving engineering advancements. We believe that there is always a better solution for every application and that there is always room for improvement.

We like to be in our customers shoes - which helps evolve better ideas and solutions for each application. We are proud of our concentrated customer oriented approach. This is an interesting time for businesses - customers are much more aware and knowledgeable than before and look for world-class solutions. Providing them these solutions earns us the privilege of being our customers long-term partners and consultants whenever a wheel and castor application need arises. At Muvtons, we do not believe in just closing sales on mere price points we, instead, focus on providing the customer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the subject and helping them make a wise choice that would save them costs in the long term.

Quality is a habit and way of life at Muvtons. As a famous French saying goes "from looking at the work one can know the workmen". We are what we repeatedly do hence excellence for us in not an art it's a habit. We take pride, not just in our end products, but also in the materials, machines and processes that go into making the brilliant Muvtons solutions. Most important of all, our human assets are trained from day one to strive for excellence in whatever they do at Muvtons.

Today, Muvtons is geared for even greater success. We are taking steps to get better at what we do. A highly qualified and competent team of professionals across all departments of the company is focused on surpassing customer expectations at all levels. Each member of our team is an active participant and brings in new and fresh ideas to keep the organization alive to the vision and passion of its founders.

The third generation of the founder is now actively participating in the management to carry forward the torch. We are confident of our ability to delight you with a solution that balances modern engineering capabilities with real world practicality.

We appreciate your taking time to know us better.

Amardeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh
Achint Kaur

Muvtons Castors Pvt. Ltd.