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Airport Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food Industry

Material Handling Industry

Automotive Industry

Textile Industry

Alloy Steel

Cast Polyamide

Cast Iron

Elastic Rubber



BHS Series

BDS Series

GGSE Series

GHKE Series

GRDE Series

GRDDE Series

SAB Series

ABLP Series

DABLP Series

ABE50 Series

DABE50 Series

ABE75 Series

DABE75 Series

DABE100 Series



BMS Series

BHS SS Series

GHKE-SS Series

Jacking Castors

SAS Series

SZS Series

MCI Series

ME Series

SAS-AL Series

SFS Series

MCNY Series

SEB Series

DF Series

VG Series

VG-DF Series


LTL Series

TLF-HD Series

LTL-SW Series

Castor Selector

Castor Type
Swivel Swivel with Total Lock
Rigid Swivel with Wheel Face Brake
With Brake Without Brake

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Concern for Environment

The Muvtons mission to offer complete mobility solutions has enabled it to earn a worldwide loyal customer base that spans from NorthAmerica to Scandinavia, Europe.Asia, SEAsia and Australia and, is still growing. Close co-operation with customers and channel partners, servicing their needs 24 x 7 x 365 is the norm at Muvtons. Our customers include the 'best of best companies' worldwide in the industrial & institutional sectors.

We strongly value our bond with our surroundings. We are conscious of our social responsibility towards creating, maintaining and ensuring a safe and clean environment. Hence we do our part by preventing pollution, maximizing re-cycling and reducing wastes, discharges and emissions generated by manufacturing processes. We also focus on conservation of natural resources by using them in an efficient and judicious manner.




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